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Name:Genie Este
Birthdate:Apr 21
Location:Virginia, United States of America
Website:Owning the Sun
Greetings! My name is Genie, and some of you may know me from LJ or from Stargate fandom. I've been active on LJ on and off for a little over nine years, and in various fandoms for far longer.

I'm an avid feminist and occasional social commentator, and I love to discuss politics of all kinds (I'll warn you, I'm a fairly liberal progressivist). I try to keep an open mind and a fair spirit, so feel free to post any disagreements you like as long as you can keep them somewhat civil, and we'll debate until we both get tired of it.

Although I don't write much fanfic anymore, if I do you can find it here, on my LJ, or at my website for the old stuff. My current fandoms are Stargate, Castle, Bones, NCIS, and maybe Chuck. I've also enjoyed Farscape, X-Files, and Battlestar Galactica as minor fandoms in the past.

My professional background is in public relations and communications, although I've done some work in the medical and public health fields. I'm a former AmeriCorps VISTA and Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator, and loved both, so if you have questions about either of those organizations I'd be happy to help you as much as I am able. I currently reside overseas with my husband, who is active-duty Air Force.

This bio has gotten entirely too long, so I'll end here with: read and enjoy!

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